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(no subject)
Some pie please?

I should get a job or something. So I’m not poor. So I can buy those shoes I ordered offline. And I can get my fake ID from the shady man up in Kentucky. I need some money. I should grab up one of those paypal donate to me things and rock it in my userinfo. I wonder if anyone ever clicks on those things and actually gives out money. I wonder. Maybe I should do that. It would just sit there. No one reads this mess anyway. But oh what a fine collaborated mess it is.

I’m listening to some old school rock and roll. Some classic stuff. Eye of the Tiger. I downloaded it because of that stupid “Glen. GLEN GLEN GLEN!” commercial. I seriously don’t know what it is, but I have such an attraction for songs featured in commercials. I never liked this song in that Rocky movie it was in, but when that commercial came out, Bam. It was like we were making sweet love all into the night all along.

I’m also sickly obsessed with that Sarah Jessica Parker and Lenny Kravitz Gap commercial. When the thing first premiered, it premiered as a fifteen second teaser. Sarah, but unknown who it was at that time, walked down a hall, pulled up her pants, gave me a boner, and everything faded to black. Why did I find that so hot? Anyway they premiered the full thing on the MTV Movie Awards, which we’re not going to even discuss how sucky they were this year. Anyway, I recorded the ninety second almost a music video of Sarah parading around Lenny Kravitz in his girl hairdo so I could watch and masturbate to later.

And speaking of things I didn’t like until they hit the commercial base. I hated Sex and the City. I thought they were all a bunch of whores wishing for a banana up their pies. Sarah Jessica was the ugliest of them all, besides the fatty red chick with the fat thighs and the fat everything. But on this Gap commercial I like her. I like her a lot. Bye.

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life is funny i read this and laughed my but off bc sarah jessica parker is one of a kind. and i love sex in the city you need to watch All the seasons.

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