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(no subject)
 The fresh life.

I boarded the bus today early in the morning, groggy, half asleep, dead tired. I sat down next to a fat girl, and another fat girl sat to my right. Have you ever seen that commercial with the cookies and the cream in the middle is singing, "Squeezed, in the middle. Smack dab in the middle"? That's how I felt. Squeezed. The last girl to board the bus was some frail rail thin girl. As she was standing their swiping her card the bus zoomed off.

She fell flat on her butt. I couldn't help but laugh. So did the rest of the bus. Some guys at the back were chanting, "Freshman, freshman!" Its always like those freshmen to do the stupidest thing. I hope I wasn't that stupid when I was a freshman. Hope being key, because I know I'm a pretty stupid kid. But it's absolutely funny watching freshmen interact with the new enviroment. Orientation doesn't teach you crap except how to sleep during a boring presentation. I like how all the freshmen can't figure out how the bus system works and they stand there with confused eyes asking the bus driver where he stops. I almost feel bad for them. Almost.

Some freshman started talking to me in my Psych 101 class too. He asked me if I met a lot of girls. He said he wasn't good at doing stuff like that. I immediately said GAY. He was a pity of a freshman too. Acne all over his face, looking like a Pizza child. I think his shirt said Osh Kosh Begosh. I hope it didn't. His hair was a mop of dirtyness. He talked and stuttered his way through the conversation. I did everything in my power not to laugh at his sorryness. But god-D was he sorry one. Its okay, one day he'll grow up to be just as cool as me.